Linklease Bond Update

Linklease Finance PLC’s 9% USD Bond is one of the main funding channels for the Linklease Group and continues to invite investors to support the burgeoning leasing market in the Middle East. The Bond offers a low risk, high yield, asset-backed investment with visible and stable income streams. To date, it has paid six coupons. Linklease Finance’s performance has given us the confidence to launch the second issuance in the programme, also at 9% but this time in sterling (at GBP20m).

Key Features 

  • 9% per annum
  • Available in both USD and GBP denomination
  • Asset-backed
  • Fixed return

We built Linklease in 2014 because there is a tight credit market in the Middle East and a large demand for equipment. The COVID crisis has made it more unlikely that good creditworthy businesses in the SME space will be able to access the equipment they need through traditional loans, banks and finance providers. This increases the pipeline of business routed through Linklease. In this unprecedented time, the Bonds allow us to help our clients by providing us with funding to acquire the equipment assets they need to grow their businesses. 

 Applications should only be made on the basis of the Pricing Supplement and Listing Particulars. Please contact our Distribution Director to learn more

In The News - Khaleej Times

Leading newspaper Khaleej Times published an article about Linklease and our CEO Steve Thomas-Williams and the expertise that he brings in to the market. The article goes on to describe how Linklease is at the forefront of the equipment & machinery leasing for businesses and how this bodes well for all the stakeholders in the region.

Read the article here.

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